Why Having a Backlinking Strategy is Critical to Your SEO

by | Jan 10, 2023

Let me start by saying, that I hate to use the term “backling“, because it seems so simplistic in its description, implying a single link back to your main URL.


Large websites with well-established brands generate large detectable metrics naturally. Over time, their backlinking occurs naturally due to other resources, writing, blogs, or having reasons to post the links on their websites, social media, or other platforms. Apple.com might be an extreme example, but their metrics of size and frequency, along with the naturally occurring backlinks through a variety of platforms, allows them to dominate any phrase that relates to their product line. 


And it is much the same for any other company website, the larger you establish presents, and how well it is maintained, as some of the largest scoring implications for positive results. Under these conditions, Google‘s algorithm changes aren’t the enemy, they become the friend because this is the underlying scoring mechanism that drives Google, and other platforms, seeking to produce the best results.


And when I say best results, it’s tongue and cheek, because the real changes they’re making or to stimulate their key words, ads, and ability to make revenue from searches.


I like to think of what we do as strategic positioning, but before I explain, it’s important to understand that back linking and this approach does not just involve placing links to your website on any platform possible. Rather, the bulk of the backlinking is done through a series of blog posts that are created from your own content using a combination of AI tools and then prepped by one of our team to create high-quality spin-tax variations of the postings. These posts are also highly optimized for SEO as it relates to the keywords we are promoting in your backlinking campaign.


Your YouTube videos are also inserted into the posts, sometimes along with images from URLs that you supply, and strategically inserted anchor text that link back to Pages on your website. These campaigns are diversified to a degree in their keyword emphasis, and linking to various pages that are related to the same keywords. If you don’t have YouTube videos of your own, you may suggest other related videos. Even though they are not yours, Google loves YouTube because they own it and these types of posts have a longer lasting quality with videos. We can also select videos for you, and the increased ranking helps with the actual back link to your website, regardless of the video owner.


We do not use scraped content images from other sources that may lead to copyright infringements. (a common practice among other backlinking services).


Backlinks come and go. Anyone using Ahrefs or Semrush to track their backlinks, knows this to be true. Backlinks are also scored by how recent and frequent they appear as a trending “topic.” The quality of the post has long lasting implications. 


Google and search engines are like the ocean, and the total volume of water is the Internet. When you do a search, Google brings the top 10 results to the surface. That which it has deemed to be the best and newest, but it is what lies far below the surface and the cross of the platforms that influence what surfaces to the top. And it’s a much bigger ocean than you think because it varies by region and by country, always providing slightly different search results, not to mention that Google's other countries' search engines don’t operate the same, and each country has its own search engine, as well as the other players still in the game. Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, and others.


And being listed in indexed worldwide and having varying depths is also a metric that is detectable by Google.


Our strategy simulates the ecosystem in which you compete by establishing solid metrics that make your site score higher, and then sets the pace for the campaign size you require. Timing is also important in these campaigns. It must happen slowly, and the indexing also happens slowly, but because there are so many indexing services to take advantage of, we attempt to utilize all or most of them, as this has an additional effect, both by providing keyword information in the process and by helping to limit Google's need to crawl your website deeply or frequently. 


This process bridges across other platforms, sending certain signals for social media and bookmarking, guest posts, and more that are all part of the natural ecosystem.


I say ecosystem because, working in different markets as an SEO specialist, you learn quite quickly that each one is different in the different tactics and metrics required to be successful, especially where the competition is fierce, and Google keyword ad bidding is in the extreme.


And you might say that our keyword parsing indexing approach is the secret sauce, because a quick indexing can be performed for the major search engine platforms in a matter of minutes for a single URL, but to have an indexed to over 10,000 platforms, slows the process down considerably, while building a deep reservoir of data that is constantly available to whichever platform in the world is collecting it at any given time.


The content and the approach are safe


Our process starts by posting to low P R-value platforms and building upward. Over time, the post and platform values go up as a result of the tiering structures we create. It’s not just how we create and post the structure, but also how we stimulate it with the indexing process.


Google does not display these types of platforms in their search results, but our approach ensures that they are aware of those posts and structured data, and all of the accompanying metrics. Our approach also helps contribute to topical authority on your primary website.


Time and frequency


Google and other search engines want their content to be fresh, so they're looking for ways to sift through not only what is most relevant or best but also what is new. Google can’t read, but it’s not stupid, developing a presence in an ecosystem has to be maintained. Lots of websites have short time boost of growth in their ecosystem for many reasons do some marketing campaign, but it is only established based lines that seem to maintain their level of activity and growth, that whether the changes of googles algorithms.


These underlying factors are much like dark matter, you can’t see them, but you can measure their effect quite accurately.


This is why it is important to have a solid monthly recurring strategy — a strategy that can rotate through different types of keywords and content on your website. 


At our parent company, neoprofessor.com, this strategy is a cornerstone of success for our on-site SEO customers. Now this capability is being made available for companies and individuals who are extremely active in their own SEO, and for SEO agencies to be able to provide for their clients.