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How it Works

Google, prioritizes websites based on their page and domain authority, but in fact, there are over 200 metrics that google applies to ranking. Sites with sufficient quantities of back links that are occurring on a regular basis, provide one of the most powerful metrics for driving up page rank, and specifically page rank for keywords.

In our approach, we strategically provide Backlinking through a series of high quality, AI generated blog posts specifically engineered to drive keyword ranking value to your website pages and blogs.


Targeted Keyword Indexing

When backlinking campaigns are completed, Our unique approach of controlled indexing with keyword parsing starts. Rather than providing fast indexing to just the top search engines, our servers will begin indexing the backlinks to as many as 10,000 indexing services, in sequence, so that even indexing appears in sync with a natural progression tiered linking upward to your website.

Your website pages, YouTube Videos, and social media will be indexed as well, but with our indexing approach each link submitted for indexing will have keywords parsed with it multiple times. This process creates millions of indexing submission requests worlwide, always providing updated data that enhances your websites response to keyword searches by making search engines like Google, far more aware of the depth of your websites presence on the internet as a whole.

Recent Results from a client's Keyword Postion Tracking with Google. Excerpt of charting illustrates current search postion, and how many postions increased highlighted in green. Results are a direct response from targeted backlinked posts, followed by a keyword tageted indexing campaign and maintained monthly.

Contextual Backlinks

We'll create and post 10,000-40,000+ High Quality (long lasting) Backlinks on PBN/Web 2.0 blog sites with a percentage of posts on other platforms with micro blogs, social book marking, guest posts, directories, and more all designed and developed for ranking your keywords to your website.

Rank Your Site Higher in

Search Results

Our Unique and Propritary approach to Backlinks will drive higher PR (Page Rank) value to your web pages for the specific keywords we're targeting, causing your webpages rise to in search positions in response  to the increased PR values.

SEO Website Audit

Our Support team will perform a full website audit , analyzing the pages of your website performing an SEO analysis to ensure you have no issues hampering your SEO, and make any recomendations. 

Ranking with YouTube

If you have related Youtube Videos, we will embed them into your Backlink posts. Google loves Youtube because Google owns YouTube., and having your videos ditributed in a tiered ranking stucture across thousands of blog posts can impact your SEO significantly while increasing your YouTube Rankings.

Proprietary Indexing Approach

with Keyword Phrases

In addition to High Quality backlink posts created, our servers perform our own indexing with keyword parsing of over 10,000 indexing sevices worlwide. for your webpages, YouTube videos, and  the backlink posts we create, super charging your PR values for the keywords we'll be promoting. Our unique appraoch will provide millions of keyword focused indexing to search engines around the world.

SEO Report

After Your campaign completes, you'll be provided a report on your backlinks results.

How it works

Here's What People are Saying About Our Services

Mike Hamond

Awesome Service!

This service has transformed my lead generation results. I'm now consistantly in top search postions with a less SEO work time and stress. The audit and SEO advice was great! A real game changer!

Karen Cangro

Back in Business!

Our site was being hammered by all the constant Google algorithim changes. Now we are either not affected or we bounce back fast! This service let's us focus our time on our content, and less on SEO. Thanks SEO-Depot!

Ivan Rustoff

Amazing Results!

I was struggling with SEO before this, but now I'm able to get the results for the search phrases I've been targeting. Over the months I've had steady increases in my search engine visibilty and substancial increases in leads.

Ed White

Saved Us!

We were ready to give up on Google. We're a global company and we're depedant on trade shows for exposure, but when the pandemic struck, we had no where to go and our SEO was in the tank. This service makes our site a trade show everyday!

Need On-Site SEO Service?

Need a full SEO service for “On-Site” SEO?

Let us show you how we combine On-site SEO with off-site SEO to provide a full featured service. Our parent company offers full service SEO custom package quotes.

Our on-site internal SEO mark-up and specialized approach combined with targeted backlinking and keyword indexing, brings search engine results that drive lead generation.

Are You an SEO Agency?

  • Want Higher keyword Rankings for Your Clients?
  • Want to weather the Google Algorithium Changes More Easily?
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At SEO Depot we offer inncentives for SEO Agencies and our services can not only offer increased success, but stabilty over the long term with clients.