Google Search Console: Unleashing Content Performance Insights

by | Jun 1, 2023

As we delve into the enhanced features of Google's Search Console Insights, it's evident that the power of this tool in dissecting content performance is remarkable. Armed with such a tool, any marketer can pinpoint their efforts to achieve higher rankings and conversions.


1. Search Console Insights and Content Performance

Thanks to Google's Search Console upgrades, now we can take a closer look at the performance of our content, even when associated with Google Analytics. Search Console now provides an advanced report detailing your content's growth, enabling you to track and optimize your content strategy effectively.


2. The Value of Brand vs Non-brand Metrics

Evaluating the dichotomy between brand and non-brand searches can be enlightening[2]. Excluding brand impressions and clicks from your search metrics can uncover the genuine visibility of your SEO efforts. Similarly, focusing only on brand searches over the 16 months now accessible in Google Search Console can provide valuable insights into a brand's strength.


3. The Power of Homepage vs Non-homepage Traffic Analysis

Observing homepage vs non-homepage traffic can reveal the impact of an SEO campaign. For larger brands, a significant portion of traffic is likely to land on the homepage. However, it's crucial for non-homepage pages to rank well and receive search traffic, too. The allocation of traffic between these two types of pages can illustrate the effectiveness of your SEO strategies.


4. Exploring Other Dimensions of Brand and Non-brand Traffic

Going beyond mere site clicks, you can delve deeper into brand (and non-brand) traffic. Google Search Console allows you to view countries, devices, impressions, CTR, and rankings. A thorough investigation of these reports can help you identify outliers that warrant attention.


5. Harnessing 16 Months of Data from Google Search Console

There's a wealth of year-on-year data available in Google Search Console, with 16 months' worth of data at your disposal. Review clicks, impressions rank, and CTR by page and keywords, offering a comprehensive perspective of your site's performance over time. The tool also allows custom chunks of data with specific start and end dates, making time period comparisons incredibly straightforward.


6. Unleashing the Power of Advanced Filtering

Google Search Console now has an extra menu allowing you to create filter items. You can enable multiple filters simultaneously and narrow down to specific scenarios, increasing the precision and usefulness of your data analysis.


7. Looking Forward to the Full Release of the New Google Search Console

Upon the complete release of the new Google Search Console, SEO professionals will find this version to be a significant upgrade from its predecessor. The new features provide actionable insights that empower users to optimize their SEO strategy and enhance their site's performance.

In conclusion, the upgraded Google Search Console brings a host of new features to the table, all of which can be harnessed to improve your site's performance. By providing more in-depth content performance insights, the tool ensures that you're fully equipped to make data-driven decisions that enhance your SEO strategy.